What’s wrong with me???? Recently I tend to forget things a lot. I forgot to bring my id, I forgot the date of deadline, I forgot where did I put my belongings,I forgot everything. My mind is still missing in somewhere else. Today might be the first time I have this bad feelings in my degree life. I can’t managed to present well today. I tried to memorize everything but I still cannot do it well. I got the comments from my tutor that I’m a irresponsible student and yeah maybe i’m not trying really hard to memorize the script but I really did try to memorize the script. The moment when I memorizing it things can’t seem to go in to my mind plus I get really nervous when I’m talking in front of the crowd. Weak memory+Nervousness= gg. Can somebody guide me??? I’m feeling so lost.

Hahahahahaha!!!!! This is the moment when 2 naughty boys get along.