Afraid of L.O.V.E

What is love????? I’m afraid to guess. I’m afraid to fall in love with a wrong person again and again. It’s hard to get someone you really like and it’s hard to get the person you like to like you too. I find it hard to get into a serious relationship as serious people are so rare. I met this guy no long ago, we share the common interest, we talked a lot, we dance, we sing, we laugh, we had fun. I don’t know much about him but I guess we can move one step further. Fall in love is hard, fall in love with a stranger is harder.

He is just too new for me!!!!!!!!!

I never thought this before. I never thought that i will meet a guy like him. Although i don’t know much about him but i feel happy when i’m with him. He is the one who always do the talking, he always make me laugh, he sing songs for me. I enjoy the moment when we sing, we dance and we laugh together. But there is still one thing i can’t confirm about him, is this the real him????? Is it we are moving too fast???? Yea honestly, I do really like him but we still don’t about each other much, i’m feeling so insecure at the same time i’m feeling happy to meet a guy like him. Can somebody gimme a hint??? 


What’s wrong with me???? Recently I tend to forget things a lot. I forgot to bring my id, I forgot the date of deadline, I forgot where did I put my belongings,I forgot everything. My mind is still missing in somewhere else. Today might be the first time I have this bad feelings in my degree life. I can’t managed to present well today. I tried to memorize everything but I still cannot do it well. I got the comments from my tutor that I’m a irresponsible student and yeah maybe i’m not trying really hard to memorize the script but I really did try to memorize the script. The moment when I memorizing it things can’t seem to go in to my mind plus I get really nervous when I’m talking in front of the crowd. Weak memory+Nervousness= gg. Can somebody guide me??? I’m feeling so lost.